Mauj “Mona” Video Review

January 30, 2010


Sadaf Fayyaz

Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.” Carl Gustav Jung

“Mona is a song about a bad habit that people accumulate over the course of life time and we have given it the name Mona.” Omran

Finally Mauj has come up with their much awaited video “Mona”, directed by Sohail Javed. While first watching the video, no one gets a clearer idea of what the video is actually about. It features Sanam Saeed, Anisa Sheikh, Maryam Kazmi, the band members and some other actors too. Mauj has tried to come up by addressing a human psyche issue this time. What one keeps on doing again and again, gets addicted to it and it transforms into a hobby finally that one finds hard to get rid of.  The worst part of an addiction is that even upon realizing the bad in it; no one can get rid of it. The theme is symbolically presented by portraying the story of a horror story writer, who eventually falls in love with a girl. It deals with another issue of human psyche: “All that glitters is not gold”. Whatever seems striking and attractive at first sight may not prove as much beautiful and vigorous, as it initially seemed. The story writer goes to stay at “Mona Manzil” and is deeply captivated by the love of the family and their daughter. The whole family bestows a very caring and sincere kind attitude towards him, but at night, they transform into a Devil’s family. Upon realizing what the writer saw, the writer re-unites his love for the daughter and the family’s anomalous paranoiac affinity.  He simply knows in the end how terrible Mona is for him, but can’t help it out. The same goes for addiction as well. By the time, humans realize how terrific it is, they can’t help it. Mona, as a beautiful girl, symbolically stands for the addiction that first seems gorgeous to us.  The video is overall a good attempt. The same theme could have been kept simpler, as some people may find it difficult to understand what it actually aims at. Mostly highly symbolic videos are difficult for an average audience to understand. The dressing and makeover is somewhat traditional. The video has some Dracula and haunting touch to it too. Sohail says that he believes in doing something novel and modern every time, and feels great to do something that he really enjoys. The concept of addiction is really good to show, but the message it finally gives in the end is a bit strange. It is shown that the writer marries his love Mona, despite knowing the bad side. The video would have been more brilliant if some kind of will power or determination was shown too. Addiction can be of any kind, and human beings can overcome it through strong will power. Overall, it’s a glitzy attempt.

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