Twenty Three Things You Would Love to Know About Haider Hashimi


Sadaf Fayyaz

1)      My Education: MBA……….. Skipped all the other grades

2)      My Childhood: A wonderful memory

3)      My Current Education: You wouldn’t wanna know

4)      My Inspiration: Life

5)      My Guitar: Washburn and Ibanez

6)      My Band: Kabhee Hota Tha

7)      First instrument I learnt playing: Guitar

8)      My Pastimes: Movies

9)      My Favorite Bands: Junoon, Whitesnake, Van Halen

10)  My Favorite Musicians: Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Richie Sambora

and Paul Gilbert

11)  My Motivation: Life

12)  My Desire: Can’t name a single one…… DESIRES are so many

13)  I am working with: Me, myself and I

14)  My Company: ……. is infectious. Join me and find out 🙂

15)  My Learning: Still have much to learn

16)  I Take Criticism as: Constructive, mostly

17)  My Music Genre: Rock

18)  My Expectation: I keep my expectations low

19)  My Hobbies: Guitar playing and making music

20)  I Define Music as: A medium to express ones feelings freely through

musical instruments and tunes

21)  What would I have been, if not a musician?: A cricketer

22)  One must know: That Life is not a Joke

23)  My Message: PEACE OUT!!!!