Fire Accomplishes Only 25 Percent of Their Planned Releases For Early 2010

March 25, 2010

By end of December 2009, COO Fire Records shared the planned releases of the label for early 2010 which in total were sixty, nineteen of which were scheduled for the the first four months, details of which were published earlier.

While Fire Records continued releasing the albums weekly in January as planned, they couldn’t keep up the pace for February and March. Therefore, the total albums released were only four. Label did release few other albums including Kazak and Mushk which weren’t listed in shared plans. The label still has a month to cover up the plans to some extent, however if they continue with the weekly releases, even then the total number of releases will only be 50 percent of the total planned releases.

If Fire intends to release 60 albums this year I guess it’s time they realize they are lagging far behind their plans.