Noori – Jhoom Lay (Single Review)

March 17, 2010

by Hasan Faridi

Noori are back. And returning with a comeback to the mainstream after a prolonged hiatus with this mellow but rocking number, “Jhoom Lay”. With great vocals as expected, catchy choruses and a deep concept, this song will keep fans busy for a long time. But its not just an ordinary song, it’s a jingle for Cornetto, with a brand new video releasing alongside it.

After a slight moment of despair, I thought of Cornetto’s being flashed around the screen to make sales as I pressed play. But the not-so-often appearances allowed me to enjoy the song. The released video is an entertaining moment, packed with energy and style, with an exceptional story to keep us occupied while Noori rock out. But what am I supposed to like? Noori or Cornetto?

I thought of the once-heavy band CALL, who drifted off into music for commercial and Bollywood purposes. Just look at their new single for Pepsi, “Badal Do Zamana”.

Popularity is considered to be a necessity in music. But is Noori the next victim of this commercialism?

Fortunately, the band still carries its uniqueness and talent as we sing along to the commercial catchy tune of “Jhoom Lay”. I prefer to go back where “Kuthay Te Tho Uttay” and “Nishaan” ruled our airwaves. But a great job to the band as always, we love them for their heart-warming entertaining music, and of course for who they are.