Tribute to the Snowman, Imran Lodhi (Concert Videos)

Imran Lodhi

Imran Lodhi

Osman ‘Oz’ Siddiqi (Guitarist of InterAlia):

Performed on the 10th of March 2010 in memory of a great friend, companion and fellow musician who passed away on the 7th of March 2010. We did it as best we could the way he would have loved seeing a show played. Improvised, ambitiously and with little time to practice.

Yes our singing was off, yes our playing was a little off – but that in the end is irrelevant to his memory. He believed in winging it just as often as being absolutely prepared for anything.

The show was put up in 2 days and over a hundred friends of Imran showed up in a small bar Imran introduced us all to a couple of years ago.

RIP Imran…you were like no other.

Concert Videos

1. Born to be Wild
2. Lost Years (original by Imran)
3. Sar Phira (original by Imran)
4. Saviour (original by Imran, played with Custody)
5. Zombie (song covered by Imran in his own fashion)
6. Red House
7. Is Tanhai Ko (original by Imran)
8. In the Waiting Line
9. Snowman (original by Imran)
10. Tears in Heaven
11. Meri Jaan (original by Imran)
12. Wish you were here
13. Naturally (original by Imran)
14. Surrender (original by Imran, played with InterAlia)
15. Lithium
16. Hurt
17. Anyone at all (original by Osman)
18. Khel (original by Imran)