Salman Ahmad’s Response to Ali Azmat’s Appearance on Dawn

This is a guest blog by Salman Ahmad of Junoon and is a response to recent appearance of Ali Azmat on Dawn Tv

By Salman Ahmed


Salman AhmadDear Junoonis,

After reading your deluge of e-mails and tweets of disgust concerning Ali Azmat‘s recent appearance on Dawn TV, I saw the programme myself and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

I’m stunned at the audacity of ignorance, the dishonesty and the complete hypocrisy uttered by Ali Azmat on the recent Dawn TV show.

Pakistan does not need the “Danda” or a “Khilafat” any more than it needs corrupt politicans, suicide bomb blasts and drones that kill innocent civilians.

I wonder why Dawn TV doesn’t choose to invite serious people who have contributed positively to Pakistan’s culture, education and society rather than trying to get cheap laughs out of confused and brainwashed celebrity addicts.

Cynical ideologues who find Ali Azmat to be an eager robot for their conspiracies must also be wondering what kind of Bald “Pappu yaar” they have unleashed on the Pakistani population.

For the record: I would like to make clear that Ali Azmat had zero creative input on over 90% of the Junoon songs (Including Jazba Junoon, Azadi, Allama Iqbal, Bulleh Shah’s and Shah Hussain’s songs and Pappu Yaar)

Ali was completely resistant and and hostile to the spiritual poetry of Bulleh Shah and Allama Iqbal and hated singing Sufi songs (and now he wants an Islamic Khilafat sponsored by the Army! Allah help Pakistan).

While in Junoon the only thing Ali was most vociferous about was having his money for nothing and his chicks for free, and yes he also enjoyed running naked in the middle of the night in 5 star hotels screaming inquilaab! If this is a reaction to his earlier loose canon extremism, he should make a remake of the movie ALL OF ME.

After watching Ali’s “dumb and dumber” drivel, I feel I should re-title my book from Rock & Roll Jihad to “How Junoon survived despite a Psychotic, Paranoid & Schizophrenic Bald man!”