Zameer – Teri Yaad (Father’s Day Song) – [Audio / Video]

June 20, 2010

Teri Yaad (Father’s Day Song) – [Download Audio]

Artist: Zameer

Song: Teri Yaad (Father’s Day Special)

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Audio Credits:

Composed, Written and Produced by Zameer
Lyrics by Ali Hamza (Noori)
Engineered by Zameer / Bernie Cisternas of Number 9 Audio, Toronto
Mixed by Reuben Ghose, Toronto
Mastered by Will Quinnell at Sterling Sound, New York
Sitar performed by Rakae Jamil
Flute performed by Jatinder Parkash aka Jeetu
Tabla performed by Gurpreet Chana aka The Tabla Guy
Vocals, guitars, piano and strings performed by Zameer
All Rights Reserved © Rizvi Records

Video Credits:

Produced by Reena Merchant of Rizvi Records
Directed by Isaac Elliott Fisher / Awais Jaffery
Art Direction by Tahir Mahmood
Production Manager: Mark Araujo
DOP: Isaac Elliott Fisher
Lighting: Hannah Michielsen / Isaac Elliot Fisher
Musicians: Ali Rizvi, Hussain Rizvi, Ian Tao, Justin Dean, Kyle Grounds, Quentin Bouvron, Taylor Abrahamse
All Rights Reserved © Rizvi Records

Lyrics – Original Urdu by Ali Hamza

Teri yaad…
Dil se na jayay teri yaad
Bhool nahin payay tera pyaar… yaar
Soona hoon mein…
Roya hoon mein saari saari raat
Khoya mein ne kyoon yeh tera pyaar.. yaar
Teray bin mein yunhi…
Kuch bhi nahin
Kyoon… mein ajnabi
Kesay mein jiyoon
Teri aas mein…
Tu sun le meri yeh sadaa
Mushkil hai…
Sapnon mein jeena baar baar
Dil mein basa hai tera pyaar… yaar
Mein ne…
Tujh pe kiya hai aitebaar
Dil tu ne tora mera yaar… yaar…
Dewaangi meri yeh kaisay
Hadd se barh jayay gi aisay
Mein ne kabhi na yeh socha tha.
Mein ne kabhi nahin yeh jaana tha
Teri hansee ko mein ne jaana
Teri khushi ko mein ne maana
Tujh ko hi tha mein ne paana
Jeewan tujhi se yeh sajaana tha…
Janay kyoon aisay hi..
Sapnay saaray wo tootay the… meray…
Waaday saaray jhootay the… teray…
Jeeyoon mein ab isi aaas mein…. yaar…
Tu sun le meri yeh sada

Lyrics – English Translation

[Your Memory]
Your memory.
My heart won’t let go of your memory.
I will never forget your love.
My friend.
I’m so lonely.
I’ve cried many nights.
Why did I lose your love?
My friend.
Without you, I’m just nothing.
Why am I a stranger?
How am I supposed to live in your hope anymore?
Listen to my cry!
It’s hard to keep living in my dreams.
Your love lives in my heart
My friend.
I trusted you.
You broke my heart.
My friend.
I’m going crazy and losing of control.
I never thought this would happen,
I never knew this could happen.
I got to know your smile.
I tried to make you happy.
All I wanted was for you to light up my life.
But somehow, just like that,
All my dreams were shattered.
All your promises were lies.
I’ll just have to live in longing for you.
Without you, I’m just nothing.
I feel like a stranger.
How am I supposed to live in your hope anymore?
Listen to my cry!
Listen to my cry!
Listen to my cry!
Listen to my cry!

Lyrics – Zameer’s Emotional Translation

[I Miss You]
You used to tell me that life must go on.
But now you lie alone, defunct and heedless.
You said that life relies on time, and time will prevail.
And then you disappeared.
But your sustenance is still etched into my mind.
Because I see you laugh before me.
And I see you cry before me.
How’s that so?
I feel your hand above me.
From oblivion you cry with me.
You miss me.
Hold me close.
I’m in the dark right now.
I’m groping on the trail you left behind.
I want to feel your warmth and your eyes on mine.
I guess ignorance is not bliss all the time.
Because I miss the times you held me.
I miss the times you told me you’d be there.
I was warm in your protection.
And now you’ve died around me.
I need you.
I love you.
I miss you.