Coke Studio – Season 3 Episode 5 ‘Realisation’ (Pictures / Wallpapers)

In its fifth and final episode for 2010, Coke Studio’s annual voyage concludes with the spirit of ‘Realisation’. Coke Studio’s third edition revolved around the intricacies of inspiration, creation and evolution, and the process of discovery as the elements of reason, will and resolve come together to culminate in the realization of dreams and goals. The last episode ‘Realisation’ is an acknowledgment of this process.

The episode will feature five distinct tracks, ranging from profoundly Sufic to movingly patriotic. Tune in to experience Tina Sani’s rendition of ‘Nawai Ney’, derived from Maulana Rumi’s ‘Masnavi’. She is accompanied by flautist Baqir Abbas, who returns to the sets of Coke Studio and brings the analogy to life with his soothing flute play. ‘Realisation’ also features Amanat Ali with his unique performance of the patriotic anthem ‘Ae Wattan Kay Sajeelay Jawanon’, a tribute to the legendary Madam Noor Jehan. Rizwan and Muazzam with their qawwal ensemble deliver another exhilarating Sufi number ‘Jana Jogi Dey Naal’, originally penned by mystic Baba Bulleh Shah. For her third performance at Coke Studio, Sufi singer Sanam Marvi renders a Sachal Sarmast work, ‘Manzil-e-Sufi’. Brilliantly unique, this improvisational track stands out not only for rhythm and melody but the incorporation of various modern influences. Abida Parveen’s indomitable presence and inimitable style is showcased a final time in this season of Coke Studio with ‘Soz-e-Ishq’. With her soulful strains, Parveen takes us into depths of Sufism and evokes passion, love and spirituality. Just two weeks short of Pakistan’s 63rd birth anniversary, Coke Studio also brings special messages by artists featured in Coke Studio 2010. Do join us as we celebrate unity, faith and discipline!

‘Realisation’ airs on Sunday, 01 August 2010 a 10:00 PM on television channels, radio stations and online, across Pakistan, with three repeats shows! With the fifth episode, Coke Studio’s bi-weekly journey concludes for this year. Nonetheless, Coke Studio will continue reaching out through the language of music with the release of special singles in the coming months. Keep yourself updated by logging on to for exclusive behind-the-scenes web blogs, a sneak peek into the collaborative world of Coke Studio and an interactive build-your-own merchandise kit.”