Noori announces the release of 3rd album ‘Rahi Yahan Kay’ in September 2010

Noori‘s long awaited 3rd album ‘Rahi Yahan Kay‘ is slated for release in September 2010. It was previously named as ‘Begum Gul Baqoli Sarfarosh‘ but the band has now changed it to ‘Rahi Yahan Kay’ The band will be regularly updating the fans on the progress of the album. keep visiting for more info.

After a hiatus of five years, Noori will finally release its third studio album this fall as the album is in its final stages of production. The band is super excited and will be sharing the last leg of the journey along with their fans as well as continue to upload video blogs and other behind-the-scene goodies on the website. Stay tuned for more and keep visiting the website as the countdown begins now!

Meanwhile, as promised in the last video blog where the band spoke about the collaboration with Zeb and Haniya, the audio of the collaboration is finally released online to be shared with the fans and celebrate this beginning!

Watch noori’s vBlog # 5 and enjoy listening to ‘Tann Dolay