A 10-Minute Session with Bilal Khan


Sadaf Fayyaz

My Complexes: Illiterate in musical notations

What turns me on: First sight of the finish line

What turns me off: Dogmatic behavior

My philosophy of life: Be desire less

My Secret Ambitions: To keep it a secret

Favorite Cologne: Issey Miyake

My music genre: Blues and Jazz

My favorite musicians: The modest ones

I would love to perform with: U2

I would love to see my country: Excel

Favorite Car: A tie between Ferrari Enzo and Suzuki FX

Favorite Dress: Shalwar Kameez

Favorite place to hang out: Rendezvous

Favorite Movie: Meet Joe Black

Favorite Actors: Johnny Depp and Akshay Kumar

Characteristics that attract me as person: Acceptance

As a kid I was: A quiet dreamer

What I always put off until tomorrow: Homework

My craziest fan: Abdul Hameed the driver

Success to me is: Possible

Question I hate: Do you have a girlfriend?

Question I love: Do you have girlfriend(s)?

Food that makes me crazy: Matar Paneer and Kofta

My biggest Asset: If you talk about fixed assets then…..

Music for me is like: Freedom

When no one is looking, I like to: Check my zipper

A moment in my life that was truly romantic: What?

My most prized possession: Anna Martin

The real me like: Doofis

My idea of perfect happiness: A game of cards with family when the light goes out

Three things that I like about myself: Name, fame and game

Three things that I dislike about myself: Nothing

My Biggest Regret: None

My Motivation: To achieve small little achievable goals

My Band: Bilal Khan

My Company: Bilal Khan Pvt. Ltd

First instrument I learnt playing: Guitar

My favorite Hero: Arnold Schwarzenegger

My Favorite Quote: “Stop doing stuff all the time and watch what happens” – Lao Tzu

My Biggest Passion: Art

My Biggest Desire: To be desire less

My Fitness Secret: To regularly avoid gym

My Biggest Expectation: To understand what is

My Favorite Pastime: To listen

My Favorite Song: Bad question

My most memorable moment: O-levels result day

My source of learning: Internet

My source of inspiration: YouTube

My Message: You just wasted a lot of time.