Ali Zafar to Paint for a Cause

September 16, 2010

While Ali had quit painting some seven years ago once he got busy with his music, he has picked up the brushes again for a cause to help others. Ali looks forward to paint again and auction his art in an upcoming exhibition by alumni association of the College of Art and Design which will take place at the Alhamra Art Galleries on Sept. 20th. The exhibition will feature over a 100 artists including the renowned ones like Anna Molka Ahmad, Saeed Akhtar, Dr Rahat Naveed and Salima Hashmi.

Ali has been painting since his child hood and used to speed-paint charcoal portraits in a hotel lobby to raise money for his music. As he got his first record sold like hot cakes, he quit painting and concentrated on music more seriously.

“I picked up the brush after seven years when my father asked me to be a part of this exhibition” said Ali in an interview with HindustanTimes

He still hasn’t decided what is he going to paint but all the funds from the auctioned painting will be contributed towards the rehabilitation of the flood victims.

[Props to Sadaf for tip, via HindustanTimes]