Jehangir Aziz Hayat – I Remember (Unplugged – Video)

October 7, 2010

Jehangir Aziz Hayat performing an unplugged verison of his song “I Remember” from the album “Read Between the Lines.” in Peshawar. This video was shot by Zeeshan Parwez.


Verse #1:

Must you lift stones to give us way?
I’ll find the unknown and serve as your slave,
I’ll quench my thirst,
Don’t reason with me,
Your life on the cross to eliminate the grey.


I remember the taste when you were left to blame,
Remember all the names that left me with today,
Remember the tears that engraved my mind with hate,
He never gave into fear,
Overcoming his fate,

Verse #2:

I can’t forgive,
Hate is all I feed on,
I won’t lose the will to live when hatred is at dawn,
My thirst is quenched,
Your reason has failed,
My fists are clenched,
The truth has prevailed.

Chorus x2