Atif Aslam’s Official Youtube Channel Gets Hacked! [Updated]

December 16, 2010

It appears that Atif Aslam’s official Youtube channel has been taken over by someone. Till now, two videos have been uploaded on the channel which aren’t in anyway related to Atif Aslam.

First video by the title “Hamza Doc xvid” was uploaded about an hour ago which appeared to us a glitch by a moderator handling the official channel of the pop star.

However, moments ago, the second upload titled “me & mY freInd mOviE” confirmed it to us that the account has been compromised.

We have already reported the matter to the moderators of Atif Aslam’s official internet presences and waiting for their statement on the situation.

Update 1:

We have just been reported by Azeem, one of the moderators at Atif’s official online presences, that the channel was hacked but has been retrieved back with the support of Youtube staff