Nadia Ali’s “Fantasy” (Morgan Page Remix) Nominated for Grammy

“Fantasy” (Morgan Page Remix) Receives A Grammy Nomination

Nadia Ali - Fantasy2010 has been a massive year for singer/songwriter Nadia Ali, and to top it all off, the Recording Academy announced on December 1st 2010 that the Morgan Page remix of Nadia’s single, “Fantasy”, has received a prestigious Grammy nomination. Written by Nadia and DJ/Producer duo Sultan & Ned Shepard for her studio album “Embers”, Nadia personally sought out Morgan Page to produce a special remix for release on her very own record label, Smile In Bed.

Nadia and Morgan quickly discovered that each has been huge mutual fan of the other’s work over the years, and the “Fantasy” project has inspired them to come together to work on original music of their own. Brand new original collaborations from Nadia and Morgan are slated for release in 2011.

This is the first time one of Nadia’s musical works has received a Grammy nomination, setting a new high water mark in an already remarkable career. Nadia’s musical journey initially started with the duo iiO, with Nadia’s signature voice and songwriting carrying some of the most memorable dance anthems of the past decade. As a solo artist Nadia has continued to grow and release new and groundbreaking music, including a series of hit singles from Embers, numerous acclaimed collaborations and in 2010, her epic Queen Of Clubs trilogy. Her continuous growth as an artist comes as little surprise to the many loyal supporters of this ambitious and visionary singer/songwriter. There is no denying that Nadia’s contribution to the EDM industry is unrivaled and continues to inspire thousands of people around the globe. The nomination of Morgan’s remix gives testimony to the ability of self-released independent artists to reach the very highest levels of achievement in the music industry. Warm congratulations to Morgan Page for his second Grammy Nomination to date.