Qayaas Working on an English Album

December 23, 2010

QayaasQayaas has just returned from their first international tour where they won an award for the Best Pakistani Rock Band. Earlier in November, Qayaas shared the details of their upcoming debut Urdu album, “Shehrezade”, whose production is finished and will be released in January. Prior to the release of their first album, Qayaas has started working on its next album which will be in English. The album will be for both local and international audiences.

Qayaas said,

Work on a new English album has started. Wrote a new song today.

However, the targeted audience of the album is not international only as Pakistanis will be the first ones to hear it. Umair Jaswal shared the details of the band’s second project,

The English album will be for both local and international audience. Two of its songs have been completed. We have a whole lot of ideas. Right now we have 17 to 18 songs that we want to work on. The album will be uploaded on all the major online stores around the mid of 2011.

Umair Jaswal told that the album, will be mostly dealing with hard rock and the lyrics for the tracks are written by guitarist Sarmad Ghafoor and Umair himself.

The band plans to launch three of its English tracks before leaving the country for another international tour in Austin, Texas around March next year.

Their next music video, Umeed from their debut Urdu album has been shot.

Video of Umeed has been shot and work on edit has started. Should be ready in a week or two.

Qayaas has a lot of interesting stuff in the pipeline and winning the JD Award was just the beginning.

Winning the JD Award for the best rock band of Pakistan is just the tip of the iceberg. Lots more to come. A lot of interesting stuff in the pipeline.

Qayaas is not wasting any time and is making sure that their music is heard and appreciated everywhere.

Details About Shehrezade:

Shehrezade is an invocation of the evil, seemingly beautiful people (in this case a woman) are capable of. The title itself is reminiscent of classical fairy tales building to an expectation of a love ballad, only here the beauty of the name belies the darkness and torment it actually evokes. It is like the lingering shadow of a nightmare that threatens to taint reality with its virulence. Shehrezade is not merely a name but an entity, a world where modesty and debauchery, beauty and ugliness, good and evil are all black and white. There can be no shades of gray filtered through the permissiveness of new age morality. It is a most primitive defence mechanism against the beauty in evil and the evil in beauty.

It has been a long time coming and the album, Shehrezade is finally ready with all production work completed and will be released in January. There are 13 tracks in it and the official track listing is:

1. Shehrezade
2. Inquilab
3. Ishq
4. Umeed
5. Charkha
6. Tanha
7. Pukaar
8. Mera Wana
9. Halaak
10. Monsoon
11. Pal
12. Teray Liye
13. Us Paar

The order of the songs may change in the final release. An album preview to be available in the coming days.

The rabid fans of Qayaas have high expectations from the band and are eagerly waiting for the release of both of their albums. We hope Qayaas live up to their expectations.