Ufone Launches Uth Music Platform for Pakistani Talent: Uth Records

Ufone Launches Exciting Uth Music Platform for Pakistani Talent: Uth Records

Left to Right: Omran Shafique (Producer), Zeeshan Parwez (Director), Mr. Akbar Khan (Chief Marketing Officer - Ufone) and Louis 'Gumby' J. Pinto (Producer)

[Karachi, 28 January 2011] In keeping with the brands consistent commitment to the youth of Pakistan. , Ufone’s Uth Package proudly introduces their latest youth based project on the eve of their 10th Anniversary, Uth Records; a music television show projecting new Pakistani talent, set to air across television and social media networks during the month of February 2011.

Indeed Ufone has always supported youth initiatives such as the live concert platform URock in 2006, the introduction of the Uth Package in 2010 and the Futsal 2010. Uth Records endeavours to provide talented young musicians a professional music platform for their original work to be seen and heard across Pakistan, irrespective of age, gender, language and background. Thus the vision behind Uth Records is: to first find talent through tapping into the music demos of aspiring musicians as sent in to the Ufone team through online submissions, post and by recording their demo live by calling [for Ufone users only] in to Uth Records at 884; then select specific artists through the review of these demos by professional industry producers; to work closely with selected artists to arrange, compose and record their respective original compositions as guided by the producers, in a professional recording studio with some of Pakistan’s most gifted musicians. Each selected artist’s journey is recorded professionally which will be showcased on the Uth Records television show itself across multiple channels and on social media networks. The intention of this platform is to provide these initial steps for the lesser known artists to express their creativity while also refining and projecting their work.

Left to Right: Omran Shafique (Producer), Zeeshan Parwez (Director) and Mr. Akbar Khan (Chief Marketing Officer - Ufone)

Ufone has collaborated with distinguished and renowned musicians Louise J. Pinto mostly referred to as Gumby and Omran “Momo” Shafique who together are working as Uth Records’ Producers at LJP Studios. The Uth Records television show is being directed by acclaimed director Zeeshan Parwez.

Speaking about the Uth Records Chief Marketing Officer Ufone Akbar Khan has said

“Ufone has always proved itself as a brand that appeals to the youth in general. With the introduction of the a youth specific packages, we planned to reach to the Pakistani youth with all its diverse needs in a way that had not been done before. With Uth Records, we wanted to take our connection with the youth a step forward, by not only providing them a convenient means of communicating that speaks directly to them, but also by providing a platform to aspiring musicians, whereby they have an opportunity to showcase their talent to the whole world.”“Uth Records as a concept, is based on the acknowledgment that our country has an abundance of musical talent, but due to a dearth of avenues, such talent usually receives little recognition or opportunity to break into the industry, thereby stifling the potential a new generation of music can bring.”

“We are excited to be working with Pakistan’s talented Uth again this year! With Ufone’s Uth Records, our aim is to help educate aspiring musicians through professional exposure and better equipment such musicians with the necessary skill and technique to eventually break into the industry itself.”

Gumby at Uth Records Press Conference

Gumby at Uth Records Press Conference

Louis J Pinto, widely recognised as the iconic drummer Gumby, is one of Pakistan’s most respected musicians for his twenty year strong contribution to Pakistan music.

Gumby, the former child prodigy, has developed a versatility in his drumming that has graced and enhanced music in a variety of genre’s and bands. His work includes a rich selection of studio recordings, albums, music projects and live shows with musicians. His concerts and recordings in Pakistan and on the international front with musicians and bands such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Azmat, Vital Signs and Junoon and his residency at Coke Studio since its inception are particularly noteworthy.

Gumby has also made a prominent contribution in the musical education of the youth of Pakistan. In 2002, he conducted workshops at the prestigious Lahore University of Management Sciences [LUMS]. Two years later, he held regular drumming and percussion classes at the education centre L’etude in Karachi. Indeed Gumby was a significant member of rock band Noori which helped define rock music for the Uth in Pakistan. He has also always worked with younger and lesser known artists and to this end has helped to guide and launch the careers of musicians such as Zeb & Haniya, Raeth, Kaavish, Maryam Kizalbash and Sahil. His involvement with Uth Records thus comes as a natural association.

In 2009, Gumby established the eponymous LJP Studios in partnership with Omran Shafique; a state-of-the-art recording studio in Karachi. For Uth Records at LJP Studios Gumby works as a Producer with Omran and the Uth Records team to identify talented individuals around Pakistan, provide them with an opportunity to professionally explore their ability and with the Uth Records televised music show, break into the music industry. Speaking about Uth Records, Gumby has said

“Uth Records is a platform designed for the betterment of the music industry and at the same time defining the quality and potential of aspiring artists. It’s a good way for the artists to get experience in a recording studio and get help from the professionals in all aspects of the music business. Uth Records marks the coming a new breed of musicians and music that the nation has to offer.”

Omran Shafique at Uth Records Press Conference

Omran Shafique at Uth Records Press Conference

Omran Shafique, popularly known as Momo throughout the music scene, is the widely admired front man and lead guitarist for acclaimed rock band Mauj, guitarist for co-VEN and Songwriter/Guitarist/Singer for Texas-based experimental hip hop band, Kostal. Working across multiple genres of music including progressive rock, traditional folk to R&B, Omran has, time and time again, demonstrated his versatility of skill to a variety of younger and older audiences alike. Over a very short period of time, Omran has worked to aid the professional careers of many now popular artists including Zeb & Haniya, Kaavish and Maryam Kizalbash. In addition, Omran plays live for Uth rock idol Ali Azmat and continues in his position as an integral part of all of the Coke Studio Seasons’ to date.

With Uth Records, Omran dons the Producer hat with partner Gumby of LJP Studios, and works with Uth Records to spot talented individuals around Pakistan, provide them with an opportunity to professionally explore their ability and with the Uth Records televised music show, break into the music industry.

Speaking about Uth Records,

“The idea behind Uth Records is to find young upcoming acts and give them a platform to get their music out. It’s a good way for artists to get experience in a recording studio and get help from professionals in all aspects of the music business. The artists need to have a good sense of what they want their music to be. If we see a spark, whether its creativity or originality or attitude we take it into consideration. You keep it interesting and we’ll be interested!”

Zeeshan Parwez & Gumby at Uth Records Press Conference

Zeeshan Parwez & Gumby at Uth Records Press Conference

Zeeshan Parwez is one of the most influential personalities in Pakistan’s music industry today through his work creative work as a director, music producer and as an acclaimed musician with his band Sajid & Zeeshan. Renowned and respected for his consistent association with young talent and new creative initiatives throughout his career, Uth Records is for Zeeshan an exciting youth project to direct. Speaking about Uth Records, Director Zeeshan Parwez has said

“The vision of Uth records is to recognize new potential talent, give them a platform so that the ‘Uth’ comes out and tries to do something creative and at the same time have a bit of fun. Uth Records is probably, if not only, amongst the few avenues in Pakistan that is truly promoting ‘Uth’ involvement in music production.”

The diversity of Zeeshan’s creative repertoire is apparent, having worked on videos for established artists such as Ali Azmat and the Mekaal Hasan Band for instance and also having consistently guided younger bands and musicians with music, production and direction including Jehangir Aziz Hayat, Visaa and Irtaash. Zeeshan has also been an integral part of Coke Studio since it launched as a musician and then video director. He has also directed MTV’s popular youth television show, ‘On the Fringe’.

Zeeshan Parwez currently heads Zeepar Studios, a post production/audio studio/creative ideas facility based in Peshawar and is working closely with Uth Records as its director.

Check out the television promo below:

Television Show – Uth Records

Director – Zeeshan Parwez

Producers – Omran Shafique & Gumby

Audio Engineer – Mohammad Agha

Mix Engineer – Omran “Momo” Shafique

Video Production Manager / Cameraman – Shahrukh Khurshid

DSLR Expert/Cameraman/Light – Bilal Khan

On Set Photographer – Biya Shadab

Studio – LJP Studios

Sponsor – Ufone

Uth Records’ first show will debut nationwide in February 2011 on all leading channels. For the latest updates on Uth Records’ episodes, on air timings, channels, artists and the producers keep yourself logged in to: