Atif Aslam Gets Engaged? That’s What We Are Hearing!

March 4, 2011

Atif Aslam Wearing a Sherwani on his EngagementAtif Aslam who is perhaps the most popular celebrity of the country has gotten engaged last month to a girl named, Sara Bharwana, a reliable source tells who apparently knows both of them.

Our source further adds that Aslam is going out with the lady, who is a Kinnaird graduate, for about 4 years and for some reason still doesn’t want to make her public. It could be because the pop star thinks he will lose his following like this.

Since it’s already been a month and the word hasn’t come out, it is obvious that the management will come with straight denial once they hear of this. Also, since the news is as big as it can get, we wanted to confirm it with another source which unfortunately we couldn’t.

We badly wanted to get hands on some of the engagement pictures but unfortunately since the ceremony only had immediate family, we couldn’t grab those either.

I mean I know how it’s like, “Pics or didn’t happen”, but that’s all we have on this for now. We will keep you posted as we have more.

PS: This is something we have heard from a reliable source but we are still only half-sure about it.

Update 1: We have just found out from an old issue of Daily Times back from 2006 that the lady was infact in Kinnaird and won title of Miss Elegant.

Update 2: We have just been contacted by Shiraz Aslam, manager and brother of Atif Aslam, who has denied this.

Update 3: We have had this confirmed from second source. We are still checking with more sources.

Update 4: 23/09/11 The news was just aired on Duniya TV.