Our Facebook Page is Back and This is What Happened

If you’re a regular KoolMuzone reader you probably already know Facebook had disabled our page for over a month. Today, we have been able to bring it back and would like to share what exactly happened to our page.

The page went down on 27th of February on a “Trademark infringement” report. Samantha Kumar, the reporting party, claimed to own 8 music shops by the name of “Kool Muzone”. Not just that, she also claimed to own the trademark, not only in US but also in UK, Australia and India. We checked with trademark departments of all the mentioned countries and all the claims were false.

Since Samantha Kumar decides to remain anonymous, we had to directly solve the matter with Facebook. Our lawyer sent Facebook legal documents of our ownership which is why Facebook decided to bring the page back. Facebook has really retarded policies regarding such complaints but we are thankful that they have at least restored something back to us that is our intellectual property. We would also like to credit Hassan to help us through. Thanks Hassan.

PS: In case you’re wondering why we are green, that’s for the match tomorrow. Inshallah we will win =)