Ali Zafar does his own Stunts in ‘Luv Ka The End’

April 30, 2011

Earlier we reported, Ali Zafar did a cameo role in Y Films‘ (YRF’s new youth films studio) “Luv Ka The End” in which he was performing his song “F.U.N. Fun Funaa” on stage in the climax of the film. Ali got so excited with the song that he even refused to accept money for the film. Instead, Ali asked Y Films’ to donate that money to a charity of his choice. But Ali’s cameo was not only restricted to the stage performance. Ali Zafar has some action sequences in the film too.

Ali has performed a stunt sequence at the climax of “Luv Ka The End” using an SUV and those who were present say that he was great with the skids. During the climax, there is a scene where he has to drop the girls home and he refused to use any body double or stunt driver. He did all the driving by himself and gave the girls the ride of their life.

Luv Ka The End releases on 6th May 2011.