‘Atif Aslam is Arrogant’ Says Imran Khan

April 17, 2011

There’s only a little chance you haven’t heard of the Atif‘s performance alongside Imran Khan at Dubai that took place a few weeks ago. The two stars even posed together which led to the rumors of their collaboration. If the collaboration had taken place by any chance, regardless of how it may be, it would have been to places considering the follower-ship of both the musicians.

However, we have just found out things are “slightly” different. There’s no collaboration whatsoever between the two stars. In fact, Khan thinks Aslam is arrogant.

Talking about his experience of performing alongside Atif at Dubai, Imran told the folks at Express Tribune

Atif Aslam is very arrogant, he didn’t want me to perform there

He further added

I met him in the afternoon. He was trying to be nice but I could see through him.

Imran is entitled to his opinions but the statement sounded judgmental in nature and must have broken hearts of the fans who were expecting a collaboration.