‘Moin Akhtar’s Demise’ – Hadiqa Kiani Shares her grief!

By Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa personally shares her grief by quoting;

“It is indeed a very big loss, not just for the entertainment industry but for the whole Nation!
I have known Moin bhai personally and he was not just a legendary artist, but he was my mentor, a true spirit and a great guide. He was the only one in this world who used to call me “Hadeeqoo”.

I have done more then 100 shows, in 14 years that were hosted by Moin bhai & he would always seem focused yet a little worried before the show. About 10 years back I asked him, out of curiosity; “Moin bhai why are you always so anxious before going on stage?” His reply was;

“ ‘Hadeeqoo’ the bigger your name is -the weaker position your in, because people have alot of expectations from you and whenever I go on stage, I pray to God to give me respect and I am able to fulfill their expectations & you will remember my words after 10 years!”

As hard as it is to believe, it has been exactly a decade and his words have been engraved in my heart since, then and if someone asks me why I get anxious before going on stage NOW – I can’t help but repeat his words! I am in a state of shock & complete loss for words! He will always be alive in our hearts and there will be no other Moin Akhtar and there can be no other Moin Akhtar! May God grant his soul – a special place in Heaven! ”

[ via – HK Blog ]