Strings – Main To Dekhoon Ga (Video Stills)

April 2, 2011

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We believe that the only way we can survive these tough times is by staying positive. This song is a prayer. It’s about Pakistan, the way every Pakistani wants to see it. It is primarily addressed to the younger generation, who are the future of our country, giving them hope and confidence that there will be a time when they will laugh and rule the day and the politicians will learn to serve and pay.

As patriotic musicians Strings feel that it’s their responsibility to inspire honest Pakistanis not to be scared and take charge of the situation. This prayer comes from the depth of our hearts and we hope to see a reformed Pakistan one day.

Music Video Location: Rani Kot, Sindh

Photography Credits: Adnan Bilgrami

Main To Dekhoon Ga” by Strings, releasing on Monday, 4th April 2011.