Coke Studio @ MTV is NOT About Bollywood Music

May 4, 2011

As the news of Coke Studio @ MTV (India) hit the media, a lot Coke Studio fans frowned upon the news thinking that the Coke Studio @ MTV will be offering Bollywood music to the fans. From what we have heard, that’s far from true.

Coke Studio @ MTV looks forward to preserve the original essence of the show with 3 classical/folk/indie acts in every episode of the debut season of the extremely popular TV show. I have personally never been a great fan of mainstream Indian music, which is why this blog sticks to delivering content about Pakistani music only, but I really expect  the Coke Studio @ MTV to be indifferent, unique and awesome.

I’m expecting a lot from this show and hope that the Coke Studio team will not disappoint us. Not only Coke Studio @ MTV will let us hear different music from India, it may actually open the doors for the indie and underground artists of India.