Irtaash – Kala Safaid Aasman (Album Teaser)

May 16, 2011

One of the most promising rock bands, Irtaash which started to storm audiences everywhere when it was formed back in November 2001 and soon became a big name in the underground scene of not only Islamabad but Pakistan, has just released a teaser of their debut album “Kala Safaid Aasman“.

With the original Line-up back, Irtaash is all set to release its debut album, which has been produced by Sarmad Ghafoor at S & M Studios Islamabad, in May 2011. The album, which consists of 11 alternative rock songs (Raastay, Humnasheen, Shab Dhalay, Kaali Raatein, Musafir, Irtaash, Zehar, Tu Nahi, Lori, Khauf and Nakhray), will hit record stores almost after a decade of the band’s formation. During these years, Irtaash has released numerous chart topping singles and music videos.

Below is the album teaser: