Levi’s Original Music Presents Zoe Viccaji & Strings (Promo)

Music and Videos releasing soon.
Produced & Directed by Adnan Malik
Levis The Originals Inspire

While Levi’s has played a pioneering role in promoting & supporting music all over the world, Strings has inspired scores of musicians in Pakistan to take their own original approach to music.

The current digital revolution in Pakistan has multiplied the number of independent musicians who produce & release their own music on the internet. At the forefront of this new era in music are two very talented artists, who, with their fresh approach and deep dedication to music are all set to carry the baton of Pakistani music into the future.

Stay tuned for Levis Original Music this June as Bilal Khan and Zoe Viccaji reinterpret our favourite Strings songs in their own unique and spirited style.

The first video is by the very talented Zoe Viccaji who does a rendition of “Mera Bichra Yaar” by Strings. Our very own Zoe Viccaji has created some magic! Here’s a teaser for Levis Original Music!