Shaheer Shahid – Electric Purple (Download Audio)

Shaheer Shahid – Electric Purple (Download Audio)

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Artist: Shaheer Shahid

Song: Electric Purple

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Info: As proven, the world’s most dangerous terrorist can only stay hidden in a land of extremes for so long. Similarly, the explosive talent can also stay hidden for only so long.
He belongs to this galaxy, but his music is of the highest intellectual esotericism. Shaheer Shahid’s music is from that of etheric planes: no one has heard the likes of it before – and no one is likely to. Shaheer’s music combines various genres. Though his specialities are Rock and Alternative, he produces for Hip Hop, Pop, and RnB too, but no matter what the genre, there is always Shaheer’s own touch of an odd instrument or melody, giving the piece of music its own unique personality.

This is just the start of what is the potential of the Earth: unique and full of character, Shahid’s music is not the typical mainstream hollowness, but a contribution to the art-form of composing. His music stand out, and that is how it should be. For now this Jedi is young, but his music will soon be in full control of the force.