Usman Uzzi Mirzi – Let it Out (Download Audio)

Usman Uzzi Mirzi – Let it Out (Download Audio)

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Artist: Usman Uzzi Mirzi

Song: Let it Out

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Bio: A young Pakistani man, Usman ‘UzZi’ Mirza, is currently attempting to join the expansive rap industry. Unlike most other rappers, he is not merely rapping about materialistic issues such as cars, sex or drugs. He conveys a meaningful message in his lyrics. He does not paint a self-image of himself as a ‘thug’ or a ‘gangster’ but a struggling person in the widening gyre which is known as the world. This characteristic alone sets Usman apart from the rest of the rappers in the booming rap industry. He is not materialistic or shallow; no, he is more concerned about feelings and life than fast cars and big houses.

He originates from a middle class family and has faced financial crisis and other domestic problems. From the mere age of fifteen, he had truly embraced the art of rapping. He owes all his success to his parents, who opened the doors to his path for him. While some people use writing as a path for them to express their feelings and concerns on current events, Usman raps his views on current events which surround him. He does not speak about the sometimes boring politics and international news but more of what is important to him, an average teen boy.
He strongly believes that rap is not what it seems. Most people connect the idea of rap with violence and chaos. One of the main goals that Usman has set for himself is to help and regenerate the image of rap which has been polluted over the past few years. His determination shines as he pursues his rap career despite the lack of opportunities in Pakistan. He is arguably a one-man-army as he is independent and all his work is fuelled by determination to change the very image of rap itself.

He considers rap a privilege or an opportunity, to speak which has been unspoken. The current situation of the world, the right of the poor and the reality. The general image of rap is “guns, murdering, gangstas, drugs etc” when its not, it’s what is being portrayed. Rap is another name for poetry, where one can express themselves.