Qayaas – ‘Umeed’ (Story Version Music Video)

Qayaas‘ philosophy behind the song:

Umeed is all about keeping faith and finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Pakistan is going through tough times and the future looms uncertain and hopeless for most. Now is the time, more than ever before for artists and opinion makers to raise their voices in cultivating hope amongst the youth of the country. Umeed is one such effort on our behalf. The main concept of the video is to highlight the brain drain affecting our country. Due to glaring corruption, hopeless politicians and rampant lawlessness, bright individuals who could help build a progressive Pakistan for the coming generation, end up leaving home for greener pastures abroad. This trend can be reversed and a positive environment created by embracing our rich and priceless cultural heritage which is being blatantly ignored. The government needs to realize that in order to create a hopeful environment and promote a peaceful image of our society, arts and culture should be given their due importance. Individual artists are doing it on their own with their own resources but that is in small pockets and cannot produce the desired effect.

The youth of this country need to release their energies positively and in a constructive way. They need true entertainment, not the one that is provided by the mediocre media channels with their own nefarious agendas. Umeed is a voice that calls to all of us that keep believing in your dreams and make sure that you work hard and act in good faith to achieve those dreams.

We have already released a performance version of the video earlier and this is the story version.

Our main aim is to ensure that music plays an integral role in building positivity in our society and channelizes the energy of our youth in a constructive way.


Artist: Qayaas

Song: Umeed

Director: Shandana Sarmad

DOP: Luke Rocheleau

Set Design: Luke Rocheleau / Shandana Sarmad

Edit: Kamran Farooque (Coffin Feeder)

Audio Production: Khurram Waqar & Sarmad Ghafoor

Special Thanks: Mariam Tahir-Waqar, Dr. Hassan, The Oxygen Lounge, Westminster School

Online Collaboration: KoolMuzone