Bol: Soundtrack (Review)

By Hasan Faridi

After Khuda Kay Liye, that went on to win several international awards, Bol is another gripping story set to be released by Shoaib Mansoor.

Bol is a feature film expected to be released on 24 June 2011. The film stars Atif Aslam, Humaima Malik, Mahira Khan, Shafqat Cheema, Manzar Sehbai, Zaib Rehman and Amr Kashmiri in the lead roles.

The main story is about a family experiencing troubles, sufferings and high points. As family members try to solve their problems they step into deeper troubles. The complexity of their circumstances becomes a painful struggle.

But the soundtrack of Bol uplifts our moods with the starting track “Hona Tha Pyar”, sung by the Pakistani popstar Atif Aslam and the Pakistani princess Hadiqa Kiani. Its a mellow track filled with catchy strums, a groovy baseline, the occasional flute and soulful vocals. This number was leaked in September, last year and became an internet hit because of it.

Man’s best friend is the Internet.

One of the best tracks off the album has to be “Din Pareshan Hai” by the Pakistani legend Sajjad Ali. It is certainly less eccentric as his classic “Babia” (which some say was a copy from Cheb Khaled’s “Didi”), but is perfect for even the most classic Bollywood movies. But wait… that’s not it. The album even has a film version of this song, which sends us back to those classic black and white movies when people couldn’t even lip-sync properly. Beautiful track nevertheless, and the decision to put Sajjad Ali in the album is surely a good one indeed.

Hadiqa returns to us again with “Dil Janiya”. Her vocals are outstanding as always, but the song has nothing new, except a rap hitting us right after the first verse. It does get repetitive and the acoustic guitar part ends too quickly. There’s obviously more attention drawn to the vocals.

If your looking for the best track to feel the Indian musical essence, look no further and skip to “Sayyan Bolain” performed by Shabnam Majeed, Sahir Ali Bugga and Bina Jawad.

After blasts from the past, the soundtrack becomes more contemporary with one of the best tracks off the album named “Mumkin Hai” by Ahmad Jahanzeb and Shuja Haider filled with acoustic strums, looping drumloops and romantic verses.

Pakistan somehow cannot get rid of Atif and Hadiqa, performing their second song off the album named “Kaho”. Like “Mumkin Hai”, it has a more contemporary style but borders along the rock genre, with hard hitting drums and electric guitars including a screechy solo. This song could have easily mixed into the Indian film Rock On. Fans could say that this just proves how Atif and Hadiqa can rock too, and not stick to the usual.

The closing track is just eerie, and the beginning would certainly suit the Indian action film Krish.

“Just imagine”.

… Krish walking away after kicking some evil butt. It is however, a great track and is not a constant loop playing over and over again like what we normally hear around us today. It curves off into different directions and just as you think it has ended, it starts off again. It’s a maze, full of twists and turns.

Looking at each track name and as we try to find the meaning of each song, we find that indeed, these songs reflect the essence and storyline of the movie. It is surely, a story full of twists and turns, about struggle and hardship as each cast character tries to resolve their problems. Look at the album cover, the woman clearly seem happy…

The song ends with a rather ambiguous track, and makes the one who hasn’t seen the film optimistic on what the ending of the film turns out like. A high or a low? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Unless there’s a leak.