Naseer & Shahab – Rise On Your Broken Knees (Download Audio)

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Artists: Naseer & Shahab

Song: Rise On Your Broken Knees

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Produced by: Shahab Qamar

Vocals by: Naseer Afridi

Vocals recorded by: Shaheer Shahid (Divinity Studios)

Lyric video created by: Shahab Qamar

Take a listen to the song below:

Naseer Afridi & Shahab Qamar (Avid the Band), Independent musicians, together thought to make a masterpiece and this is what they came up with. A one of a kind genre to play with, a one of a kind track to listen to. What makes it so special is the way Shahab Qamar and Naseer Afridi crossing their boundaries of musical versatility and coming up with a rap rock track called Rise On Your Broken Knees.

A Dedication to our loved ones and specially to all those Musicians, artists, people and Kids, who never got a chance to express themselves because of unfavorable circumstances.

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Naseer Afridi