New Music Channel by the Name ‘8XM’ to Hit the Air Waves!

September 21, 2011

Update: We have just been told by the staff of 9XM that the folks at 8XM have provided us with misleading information. 8XM in no way is associated with 9XM and the guys behind it are only using the name to market the brand. 9X Media Private Limited are in contemplation of initiating appropriate legal action against such persons, for the usage of 8xm which is deceptively similar to their well know trademark 9XM.

Original story:

As you may probably already have heard of 9XM‘ an Indian entertainment channel, they are now all set to launch the Pakistani version of it. We don’t have much information on the channel yet but a source close to the channel says that it’ll be much like 9XM as long as the pattern of the shows is concerned.

The website for 8XM was registered on 11th of July 2011 so the channel has been doing the operations for at least 2 months. The website, however, is still under construction.

Pakistani music channels have almost failed to do justice to Pakistani music by limiting the airtime. Will an Indian channel save the day or make things worse?

We still haven’t heard when will the channel be launched but we will keep you guys posted as we hear more.

Below is some of the artwork for the shows that the channel will be airing.