Junoon 20th Anniversary Album Volume 1 Released on iTunes

October 4, 2011

This year’s most anticipated album ‘Junoon-20 (Volume 1)‘ is finally here. The Sufi rock album which consists of 20 tracks, features talented artists like Aag, Alison Sudol, Bilal Khan, Fifi Haroon, Laal, Nusrat Hussain, Outlandish, Peter Gabriel, Rohail Hyatt, Shahjehan of The Kominas, Shubha Mudgal, Usman Riaz and Vital Signs, has now been released on iTunes.

The album costs $9.99 and the proceeds that will be raised from it will be donated to help support the efforts of Salman and Samina’s Charity for Education.

The volume 2 will be out soon!

Below is the album tracklist:



  • Junoon
  • Junoon
  • Junoon
  • Junoon (feat. Usman Riaz)
  • Junoon
  • Junoon (feat. Rohail Hyatt)
  • Vital Signs
  • Junoon (feat. Nusrat Hussain)
  • Junoon (feat. Ali Azmat And Brian O’ Connell)
  • Junoon (feat. Outlandish)
  • Junoon (feat. Samina Ahmad)
  • Junoon (feat. Fifi Haroon)
  • Junoon (feat. Shahjehan Khan of The Kominas)
  • Junoon (feat. Ali Azmat)
  • Junoon (feat. Ali Azmat And Brian O’ Connell)
  • Junoon (feat. Bilal Khan)
  • Junoon (feat. Aag)
  • Junoon (feat. Laal)
  • Junoon
  • Junoon