Rebuild Pakistan (Official Trailer)

December 7, 2011

An initiative started by Arooj Aftab during the Pakistan Flood Crisis in 2010; featuring exclusive music, videos, and live shows to promote a vision of peace and healing for Pakistan.

In collaboration with the Human Development Foundation, Arooj hopes to inspire a global community to rebuild perspective on Pakistan, and urge the people of Pakistan to actively engage in rebuilding their homeland.

Arooj & friends offer a dynamic voice within a larger movement to transcend borders that imprison our bodies, minds and spirits, and to approach one another as vitally interconnected within a collective whole.

Music: “Lullaby” by Arooj Aftab and Bhrigu Sahni

Performed By: Arooj Aftab, Bhrigu Sahni, Mario Carillo, Ayumi Ueda and Sonny Singh Brooklynwala

Video By: Rockafor Productions

Urdu Captions By: Ali Hussain Mir

Produced by Arooj Aftab with Raeden Media

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Rebuild Pakistan’s Youtube Channel

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