We Are Now Just a Bit More Pakistani

January 28, 2012

Since the beginning, KoolMuzone has always been about Pakistaniat. We started this blog to change what we thought was wrong with Pakistani music outlets. Our purpose always has been to serve Pakistani content and to provide Pakistani musicians with a platform for them to get heard.

It has been a very eventful journey for us since during the past three years many a times we have been a target of various hacking and malware attempts, due to which we have faced quite a lot of problems.

In an effort to eradicate all the problems associated with our last domain name, we had to change our domain name and what could be better than making this platform a bit more Pakistani for all of us, hence we have moved on to a .PK TLD

The website will keep functioning like it does and all the URLs are automatically transfered to the new domain. Both old and new domains are working, but now the primary URL is KoolMuzone.pk to which all URLs will be forwarded.

Thanks for always keeping KoolMuzone alive.