Ali Hamza to Sing Most Songs on Noori’s 3rd Album

February 18, 2012

By Tehniat

Recently, the band ‘Noori‘ has entered the music scene again, with their new track, ‘Taaron se Agay‘. Even though they are trying to keep the same music-style in their upcoming album; their third album will be different and new in a way that most of the songs in the album will be sung by Ali Hamza, and not the usual vocalist and his brother, Ali Noor.

“I was losing my focus as a musician and watching Hamza and Gumby take the front seat in the next album is helping me evolve myself,” explains Noor.

Ali Noor believes that it the artist’s responsibility to introduce something new to the music scene, it’s listener’s job to be patient and appreciative of the new ideas brought in by the artists.

“Fans need to realise that we, as a band, are on an evolutionary journey and that they will have to remain as open-hearted to us as we have been to them,” Noor told ET.

It’s the same Ali Hamza who blew everyone away by his rendition of ‘Aik Alif‘ with Saeen Zahoor and brother, Ali Noor. “Ali Hamza is one of the very few artists who has managed to sustain his innocence, sincerity and simplicity towards music,” says Ali Zafar. So the fans can expect some impressive music from their new album.

The band is now preparing for a comeback gig, as well as a concert to launch their new track. It is to be held at IBA Main Campus in Karachi on the 19th of February, and the new LIVE line-up of Noori includes the guitar maestro Faraz Anwar, from the band Mizraab, and the multi-talented musician Zeeshan Parwez. Noori will also be performing at the Rock Musicarium in Islamabad on the 25th of February with the new concert line-up and the entire performance will be recorded and released as Pakistan’s 1st LIVE concert CD. So, join Noori and make history!