Naseer & Shahab – Za Pukhtoon Yam (Audio / Video)

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Artist: Naseer & Shahab

Song: Za Pukhtoon Yam

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Naseer Afridi & Shahab Qamar are individual musicians who have never met in real life till now but the love for their music has brought them close. Shahab Qamar is a filmmaker, music producer and has a firm grip on musical technicalities while Naseer Afridi is an actor, vocalist, musician and gives sense to what is there. Together they started off project NASEER & SHAHAB via internet in mid 2010 having influences from a variety of music bands.

A bunch of gratitude to G.O.P, Irtaza Magsi e.t.c and above all, the Pakhtuns all around the Globe.

Audio Credits

Producer: Shahab Qamar
Vocals: Divinity Studios (Shaheer Shahid)

Video Credits

Director: Kashif Ali/Arsalan Mahmood/Naseer Afridi
D.O.P: Kashif Ali
Edit/post: Shahab Qamar
P.Manager: Danyal Ahmad


Za khog khais laram
shama za da aman yam
zalmay da khyber yam
Za pukhtoon yam

I am elegance
A candle of peace
I am a Lad of Khyber
I am a Pukhtoon

Za dayr yam khushnaseeb
ameer yam ka ghareeb
za ay dagha gham nakom
Za pakhtoon yam

I am extremely blessed
Whether I am rich or poor
I am barely bothered
I am a Pukhtoon

Za da haroon bacha
da takkar pa saaz
za da menay laso kay
star shavay yam
za shayr da ghani yam
Za pukhtoon yam.

From Haroon Bacha
To Takkar’s music
In the hands of love
I’ve been bred
I am a couplet of Ghani
I am a Pukhtoon

Ka pa Kanro mei ulay
topak pa sar aygday
za ba tala gul darkam
za pukhtoon yam

if you hit me with stones
Place a gun to my head
I’ll greet you with a flower
I am a Pukhtoon

Topay pa sir
Ghairat na zaar
Za tang takor
Za meenay saaz
za gran pa Tolo yam
Za pukhtoon yam
Za shayr da ghani yam
za pukhtoon yam

A hat on my head
Fond of honor
I am music and dance
I am the Tune of love
I am cherished by all
I am a Pukhtoon
I am a couplet of Ghani
I am a Pukhtoon

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