Badnaam – Alif Allah (Official Music Video)

Official video for Badnaam‘s first Single “Alif Allah”. A Kalam by Baba Bulleh Shah, featuring Badnaam (Ahmed Jilani, Lala Ahsan), Salman Albert (Drums) and Mehreen Syed.


Director: Fuzzal Ahmad
DP: Shuaib Nasir
Styling: Ather Shehzad & Khawar Riaz
Set Design: Lala Ahsan & Valee Akhtar
Wardrobe: Ali Xeeshan
Production Manager: Usman Shehzad

Many Special Thanks to Fatima Asim Khan & Ali Javed having Produced the video under the name of Mice en Scene Productions.

Click here to get the lyrics and download the audio.

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