Fawad Khan & Waqar Khan Quit Entity Paradigm

May 18, 2012

It was an honor sharing the stage with such great musicians and true rockstars. May they both be blessed with all the success and happiness life has to offer. - EP

Based on latest status update by Entity Paradigm‘s drummer Waqar Khan, it has been confirmed that he is no longer part of the band. However, other sources including some of the renowned musicians have also confirmed that the front-man of the band, Fawad Afzal Khan, has also called it quits.

I’ll be honest when I first heard the news it neither shook me nor made me sad. The reason why I feel the way I do is that the band only released one song since their come back. And so I’ve always felt that the word comeback was rather an overstatement. The band hasn’t released much music since the reunion but the members continued to work on their solo projects.

A renowned musician, who would like to stay anonymous commented “apparently he [Fawad] is very busy with acting and can not give time to band“. Waqar Khan on the other hand announced that he’s calling it quits on his personal Facebook profile. He said “Goodbye ‘Entity Paradigm’ and good luck with the upcoming video. 12 years of interesting times, it is time to say ADIOS!

What came as a surprise to me is that EP continues to work on the latest music video “Ajab Tamasha” without Fawad and Waqar. Seems like it’s actually going to be ajab tamasha.


EP just confirmed the news on their official facebook page:

“Dear Fans,

As we all know that Fawad A Khan is extremely busy with his acting career therefore he has requested pardon from EP, coincidentally Waqar Khan has moved to Islamabad thus cannot continue with EP. Due to their current situations both are unable to give the time and effort that EP requires.

We respect and understand their circumstances & wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. We all have been together since 1999 and over the years have become a family. They both will always be missed but will always be with us in spirit. We thank them both for offering EP their support for future.
EP now is Ahmad Ali (Vocals) Salman Albert (Guitars) Hassaan Khalid (Bass). EP’s new video “AJAB TAMASHA” will be coming soon along with other new material.

EP and its dedicated fans have seen a lot of ups & downs but our fans endless love & support has always got us through. We take this opportunity to say a “Big Thanks” to all our devoted fans for believing in the brand name and its ideology. We will ensure that we keep inspiring you and keep making you Proud.

See you all SOON!”

EP is currently in the studio working on new material and will be releasing it soon!

[H/T Alam]