Rawal Damn – F**k You (Audio / Video)

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Artist: Rawal Damn

Song: F**k You

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Audio Produced by Hasnain Raza

Animation by Tayyab Tanvir

WARNING: Please note, the music does contain swear words, and is not suitable for children.

contains the “F” Word


I’m sick of sounds
Of crumbling bones
In war of fire with stones
The peace they bring with drones
The pigs who sit on thrones

Kill that preacher
(who corrupts your f**king mind)
Kill that teacher
(who makes you f**king blind)
Time to end this
(your time is up)
You will die
(you know you f**ked up)

(you will die bitch)

Tell your mother f**king master
It’s enough
Your game is
Now over
Cuz we have
Heard all of
Your lies and
It’s time to

You fill our faith
With hate
With every drop of blood
Your fate has led you to
Dreadful demise

Kill that preacher
(who is corrupting this society with his f**king nonsense)
F**k that teacher
(we are sick and tired of your bullshit)
Time to end this
(your time is up you are going down)
You will die
(its enough its enough its enough)

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