Shahvaar Ali Khan – Jab Koi Pyar Se Bulaye Ga (Tribute to Mehdi Hassan)

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Artist: Shahvaar Ali Khan

Song: Jab Koi Pyar Se Bulaye Ga

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A Student of Music pays a humble tribute to the maestro of Music. Shahvaar Ali Khan dares to cover Ustad Mehdi Hassan (R.I.P).


Ustad Mehdi Hassan’s ‘Jab Koi Pyar Se Bulaye Ga’ – Original Composition (Nisar Bazmi)
Cover Vocals/Singing: Shahvaar Ali Khan
Cover Arrangement: Joseph
Co-Arrangement: Bobby n Shahvaar
Guitars: Bobby (Tahir Ejaz)
Bass: Bobby
Mixing/Mastering: Joseph

Montage: Beenish Mir & CutShut Studio