Skehlaaj – Is Ka iLaaj (Download Audio)

Skehlaaj – Iss Ka iLaaj (Download Audio)

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Artist: Skehlaaj

Song: Is Ka iLaaj (skehlaaj)

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Here’s what Skehlaaj has to say about its name and the song:

“I’ve my own band from nearly 5 years now by the name of ‘Skehlaaj’. And since 2007, I’ve been the founder/only member. My genre is highly experimental ranging from industrial to hard rock and metal. I’ve been having a lot of trouble from a long time to explain the term ‘skehlaaj’ to anyone who asked me how I came up with the name, until last days when one of my internet friends made a joke about it which ended up giving me a splendid idea on the term. I’ve came up with this song [Is Ka iLaaj (skehlaaj)].”