Junaid Khan Collaborates with Brian O’ Connell on ‘Keh Do’

August 12, 2012

The musician-turned-actor, Junaid Khan is back in the lime light as he has announced releasing yet another solo track named “Keh Do”. Earlier on he had been engaged in some acting stuff and has also released a solo English single. But this time it will be an Urdu one and perhaps the more exciting thing about this track is that it will be featuring none other than Brian O’ Connell of the Junoon fame who will be seen playing the bass guitars in the song.

Directed by Abdullah Haris, the video of the song will be starring much acclaimed fashion super model Mehreen Syed. As Khan states, this song is about expressing and spreading love and believing in yourself. It will give you an importance of how much is it significant to show your love to some one when they are not around you.

But the most noteworthy thing about the track remains the inclusion of Brian who has remained with Junoon for over a decade. And this collaboration will be his first one after Junoon.

Junaid Khan has always been a big fan of Junoon and like all others, has grown up listening to their tunes. This collaboration might not be big surprise as some time back, Khan was seen talking in high praise of the American and how his bass lines were an instrumental part of Junoon’s music. Back then he had specially mentioned his fondness for Brian’s bass playing skills which he showed up in Junoon’s “Mitti”. Junaid is all pretty excited and upbeat about this venture with such a music legend.

This track of Junaid will be released most probably by the end of this month and he has also plans of releasing a full length album later on. Also he would be equally focusing on his acting career too which has really gone high lately as he can be seen in some of the drama serials being aired these days.

With all the hype created, one can surely expect a blast from power full vocals of Junaid and the intense bass lines being played by Brian. We can hope that this outing of Junaid Khan remains a successful one and helps him to decide his future orientations.

But despite wishing all the very best of luck to Junaid, one thing is for sure that we will be missing Call as it has remained dormant for a pretty long time now. May be we get some official word about its future from the band itself.

(With additional information from tribune)