Seedlings (Urdu title: Lamha) Official Movie Trailer

Bodhicitta Works in association with ICE Animations (Pvt.) Ltd is proud to announce the official trailer for “Seedlings/Lamha

Synopsis: The circumstances surrounding a tragedy leaves a once perfect couple besieged with unanswered questions, leading them to re-evaluate their own beliefs and sanity, and ultimately each other.


Director: Mansoor Mujahid

Writer: Summer Nicks

Screenplay: Mansoor Mujahid and Summer Nicks

Starring: Aamina Sheikh, Mohib Mirza, Gohar Rasheed, Hira Tareen, Tara Mahmood and Mehreen Jafri

Music: Usman Riaz

Producers: Meher Jaffri, Summer Nicks, Craig Peter Jones and Asif Iqbal

Bodhicitta Works and Ice Animations Presentation.