Omar Farooq – Beautiful (Audio / Video)

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Artist: Omar Farooq

Song: Beautiful

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Omar Farooq, previously known as ‘The Sunman‘, is releasing his first music video for a song called ‘Beautiful’. The song tries to highlight the reality that Pakistan is a wonderful place that has been largely neglected by its people. Amidst soothing organs, exciting bells and an upbeat melody, the song attempts to lift ones spirits and give them new hope, as life has to go on as normal. The video has been produced by Bodichitta works, the one’s behind the award winning feature film, ‘Seedlings“. The company consists mainly of Summer Nicks, Meher Jaffri and Mo Azmi. Sanam Agha, Summer and Meher also star in the video as well as Omar Farooq himself.

Omar is a multi-instrumental vocalist who has been playing, singing and performing since the age of 11. Having never released a video before, this is his debut release. We have been looking forward to something from this promising musician, one man show and outstanding live performer. Look out for him in an upcoming music festival in Kabul, performing with Islamabad based musician, Natasha Ejaz. We look forward to hearing more amazing music from this talented artist and wish him the best for his future success!


Oh they messed it up real good,
What a wonderful place.
Oh I came back to save you,
What a foolish mistake.
Oh the land is quite beautiful,
But the people are fake.

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