Saad and Ahsan – Shaam (Download Audio)

September 15, 2012

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Artist: Saad and Ahsan

Song: Shaam

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Shaam is Saad and Ahsan’s second release. The first was Jaago on the 14th of August this year.

You must have heard band and singers talk about experimenting with music. This, is a solid proof of what experimentation is, backed by some veteran musicians who saw the idea and potential of Shaam.

Shaam is a song about our hopes and dreams; those hopes and dreams that you could not fulfill. It is a story about you, and or you to realize that life is never a smooth sail; on the way to achieving one’s aims, there’s a lot that needs to be left behind. Some people you leave, the other leave you. It’s about how you fill the voids and still survive this world and still try and move yourself on.

This song does not have a single repeating line, which makes it pretty non-commercial. Well, it wasn’t made for that purpose anyway. Shaam builds up lyrically and musically in episodes so the listener can actually follow on and go the exact moment when something had happened and delve themselves into this feeling that is Shaam.

Take a listen to the song on soundcloud.


Mixing/Mastering: Mekaal Hasan

Sound Engineering: Adnan Peter Gill

Guitars: Saad Tauseef and Mekaal Hasan

Bass: Amir Azhar

Recorded at Digital Fidelity Studios, Lahore

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