Zeb and Haniya Working on Two Albums Simultaneously

September 12, 2012

By Ahmad Uzair

There is a good news for all Zeb and Haniya fans as they recently revealed in an interview that they are not only engaging themselves for an EP release, but also working on a new album. This will be a separate project from their EP, which is in the post production phase and is currently being mixed to be released later at the end of this year. This new album of theirs is said to be based upon collaborations and most importantly will be featuring their friend artists from across the border, India.

Haniya stated:

“We have been working on our second studio album over the past year or so and that’s very near completion. It’s getting mixed right now. We have two director friends working on two videos. We hope to release that fairly soon.. We have a couple of tours of India lined-up in the next few months. Then there’s another album we have been working on, in collaboration with friends of ours over in India.”

Zeb and Haniya have always been known as the perfectionists when it comes to music making. May be that is why its taking too long for them to come out with a new album but it is very promising to see that right now they are working on two albums simultaneously which might be a treat to hear once it gets released.

Zebunnisa was pretty much up-beat when she talked about their upcoming projects which will also include some artists from Bollywood. She stated:

“We have another project/album coming out next year, which is collaboration between a Bollywood composer, lyricist and singer, and the two of us. So, that’s going to be a collaborative project. We kind of, four of us, sat together and wrote tunes from the scratch.”

It appears that she is also hinting in the same direction which we have already reported earlier on, as these composers seem to be none other than Swanand Kirkire and Shantanu Moitra of Dewarists fame with whom Zeb and Haniya have collaborated in the past as well. Also we have reported about the chances of more than one collaborations taking place, which is pretty evident now with the release of album in pipeline for them.

Zebunnisa was also frank enough to inform about her future ambitions which might include some solo projects for herself. She said,

“..finally we might actually be doing some or I specifically might be doing some Afghan work (Afghan tunes), kind of revisited.”

Zeb and Haniya belongs to a Pashto background and that is pretty much prominent in their music and melodies that contains rich flavor of their background influences so it won’t be really¬†surprising to see if they would be testing upon some Afghan tunes.

These days Zeb and Haniya are on a tour of United States and performing at various prestigious events across the country.

It would be great if there are no more delays in their lined up projects because their fans are surely waiting impatiently for some good work from their side for a long time now. Good Luck to you girls!