Mudhouse & The Golden Doll: Ready to rock Islamabad

October 31, 2012

PR – Islamabad: A special screening of the critically acclaimed Pakistani feature film Mudhouse & The Golden Doll by Hamza Ali Abbasi – will be held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November at The Arena.

The movie has already been screened at the Toronto Film Festival and Ohio City Film Festival, where it received much appreciation from international critics and audience. The movie has previously been shown at a limited screening, at the Arena, and received a standing ovation. This time the movie is open for all those who have been waiting to take a glimpse of the movie.

Talking to the press, the director of the movie Hamza Ali Abbasi shared his concerns about Pakistan film industry, terming his movie as a stepping stone towards the revival of cinema in Pakistan. Hamza believes that young film directors should be promoted as they have the talent to revolutionize the film industry.

The movie is based on a realistic character that lived in Multan and was known as ‘Malang’ by the local resident. The 100 minute film explores the unexceptional bonding between the mad man and a young girl, the entire story revolves around their ‘innocent friendship’ which is seen in the wrong perspective by the society.