Mustafa Zahid Joins Call Band as Guest Vocalist

Like every year, the number of concerts happening around really springs up as the weather tends to get cold. And same is the case this time as you would see a lot of concert posters taking on the walls of the city and of course Facebook.

Out of all these live performances lined up for this winter, the most notable is of Call the band, and the story just doesn’t end up here as they will be featuring Mustafa Zahid from Roxen as the guest vocalist.

Earlier they had performed with Mustafa on the lead vocals in Risalpur some weeks ago but this would be the first time that both the heavy weights will be performing together in their home ground i.e. Lahore.

Xulfi, who is the main driving force behind Call, is a long time friend of Mustafa and really helped the Roxen boys when they were in process of producing their first album Roxen-e-Dewar.

So this is surely going to be a big treat for all the fans of Call and Mustafa as both of them have wide fan followings and seeing them perform together would really pull up a lot of crowd.

But the interesting fact to note here is that both the bands, Call and Roxen have almost the same confused current state, as a band, as no one knows what they are up to or even about their official line up. Mustafa keeps on interchanging his role between a playback singer in Bollywood and at times performing with Roxen and now he is appearing as the guest vocalist of Call. Same goes with the Call who are yet to decide as to who will permanently take on the vocalist place after Junaid Khan is missing from the scene, mainly due to his acting assignments.

One may call it a marriage of convenience for both the artists, but seeing the track record of Call and Mustafa one can easily say that this is certainly going to be a huge thing as far as power filled live performances are concerned and may introduce a new trend of live collaborations in Pakistani music industry. The concert is slated to take place at 10th of November at LGS Paragon.