Top 10 Don’ts For Pakistani Artists

November 28, 2012

By Hasan Faridi

This list is not aimed merely for Pakistani musicians, but for musicians, artists and performers all around the world. Here’s a list of things that artists and bands should avoid before trying to make a name for themselves.

10. Think everything’s easy

A lot of upcoming artists think getting into the music industry is easy. All you need is a guitar, good looks and a computer. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as you think. It takes effort, time and passion to make it big.

Mr Justin thinks: “Mein aik gaana likoonga. Mein baby baby baby gaoonga aur mein famous manoonga.”

Then again, sometimes if you write rubbish, you can still make it big. Like Mr Justin here.

9. Think you’re Gods gift

Got good looks? Got amazing talent? Got a great sound? Don’t think too much of yourself. Realise that a lot of people hate the egocentric.

Making music is a learning process and no one is perfect. Sincerity and a good character play a key part in gaining positive recognition.

8. Have a lame band name

Some bands and groups take so long making music it’s surprising they can’t put any effort in thinking of a decent name for themselves.

Not mentioning any names, but there have been many poor ones in the industry already. Come on people, make a name creative and easy to recognise, not a name that looks like it was finalised during a toilet break.

7. Fight with the band

There are a few bands and groups who have fallen out with each other in the past and some have even taken lawsuits against eachother. Seriously, think of the fans. Most of us don’t want to see you fight over petty feuds.

6. Get successful and break up

I know it’s unavoidable for group members to stay together forever. But it can be horrific news when a hardcore fan finds out that his or her favourite band has split up. Bands should be thinking in the long term.

5. Be over the top

How many times have you seen artists really going OTT in their music videos? By OTT, I mean nearly crying whilst singing, doing a lot of hand movements to ‘express emotions’ or just trying to look cool by jumping with a guitar in their hands (it’s done to death).

Let’s not forget that a music video doesn’t need energy. The world sees too many band-plays-in-front-of-camera videos. So don’t be afraid to take music videos to the next level. Be creative and unique.

4. Forget a download link

An amazing thing about music particularly in Pakistan is that upcoming and emerging artists and bands let fans download their tracks for free. Many of them even put their EP’s and albums online for free download.

We love free, so if you want fans to recognize your music then don’t forget to include the download link. You can do that or just try selling it on iTunes, but you won’t get too far in this market I assure you.

3. Think your gangster

Wannabe gangsters may think they’re all cool, spitting a rap here and there, but what they don’t realise is behind that bling and saggy pants is someone we can laugh at. Especially if your raps just consist of “Check one two” throughout the whole song.

Rapping is a genre in which people need to tread carefully.

2. Sing in broken English

Mr Romantic sings: “Hey baby girl. I am real nice guy I am love you forever always.”

Lyrics sung by Mr Romantic are a disgrace. Enough said. It’s not a necessity to sing in English, so if you’re more comfortable and fluent in your home language then just keep at that.

1. Pose nude

I thought I’d save the most controversial and yet most hilarious point till last. Some may think whether anyone has done it. Trust me, someone has.

Word of advice, if you’re going to pose nude, make sure you get an outbound departure ticket of the country beforehand.