Xulfi Confirms Junaid Khan’s Exit from Call

November 6, 2012

Sadly another music band of Pakistan bites the dust as it is official now that Junaid Khan has left the Call band. Although not many people will be surprised by this news because Junaid is already seen busy with his solo projects for quite some time now, so this was pretty much inevitable. But then this is how it goes on here and every good thing has end to it. However, the master mind behind Call, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan a.k.a Xulfi is really upbeat about the future of the band and promises an even better Call after the lead vocalist walking away.

Call re-emerged on the Pakistani music scene almost a decade ago. They have some huge hits to their credit such as Pukaar, Shayad, Laaree Chootee, Aasman, Hum Se Hai Zamana. Lately they were even seen endorsing the top notch ice cream and beverage brand of the country. Things seemed to be in great touch but some how didn’t go well once Junaid Khan started pursuing his solo career. He had released a solo song, and is also seen regularly in television drama serials these days which shows that he has all his eyes set on his acting career. For the past 6 months, Call was almost dysfunctional with Junaid pursuing his acting career and Xulfi busy with other projects. There had been lot of rumours in the air for some time now but no official statement from either side was made.

But thankfully and finally Xulfi has broken the silence and released an official statement declaring that Junaid Khan is no more a part of Call.

Xulfi stated,

“As most of you would have already found out, Junaid has left Call, we wish him the best of luck for his future career and hope he prospers. And as far as CALL is concerned, we will keep on rocking with our music. Promising you an even more rocking Call.”

I simply fail to gather that why every band that rose to fame in early 2000 is meeting the same fate as Call. Similar break-ups have happened to Jal and EP in recent times which really give the feeling that survival as a band is getting really difficult for musicians in Pakistan.

Any how what ever the reasons might be, we wish both the parties a very best of luck in their respective future careers, in what ever they do and hope they continue to entertain us just like before.

But one thing is for sure that Shayad’s Call will be missed.